The Relationship Between Compassion and Wisdom in Conflict Management

Compassion and WisdomThe building of healthy relationships is continuous in both good and bad times. Usually, the strongest relationships that exist between people are those that are endured during times of adversity and still go strong. This is the reason why having mastery of conflict is a key element in fostering strong relationships. Of course, conflict management cannot be successful if compassion and wisdom do not form part of the package.

The relationship between wisdom and compassion is strongly brought out when handling disputes. To start with, you must have the wisdom required to face your own personal conflicts. Once you have dealt with your own dragons, then it becomes easier to compassionately listen to the conflict of others as you try and come up with the most amicable solution possible. By honestly facing the issues that surround you, it becomes possible to deal with any situation that comes your way.

The inner conflicts are mainly presented by your past. Until such issues are resolved, having conflict with other people will only stir up the unresolved conflict with you. This will make you deal with adversity from within and without. This is the reason why many people fail to face their outer conflicts with compassion and wisdom.

The best method to deal with inner conflicts is to conduct a self examination of your personal responses when the conflicts arise between another person and you. This is mainly because unresolved inner conflicts can hide away hence lead to depression. Awakening of such conflicts can be done from external disturbances. Such things rob people from the ability they have to build lasting and healthy relationships. However, if you can be able to face such issues courageously, your compassion and wisdom to build beautiful relationships will grow as well as grow stronger through adversities. Therefore, wisdom and compassion are vital elements in conflict management.

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